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Hard Medium Soft Ltd. is a registered Microsoft Partner specialising in providing cloud based web and mobile custom development and consulting services.

These include Microsoft Phone 8, Windows 8, MVC and Orchard Websites, Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and other .Net development.

Track tasks, time and more

We provide our customers with a full project portal using Microsoft® Office 365 SharePoint and Microsoft Visual Studio Online. Clients are able to monitor every activity, provide feedback, perform bug tracking and collaborate with us on design and process. Using the latest Integrated Development Environments (IDE).

We also track and manage the full test process using

Bespoke, personal and high quality
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Through the use of Microsoft Expression Blend 4 and Sketchflow® we can design and produce, with you, fully interactive prototypes and mock-ups. This helps to ensure that we deliver the right solution and service prior to full production.

The latest Microsoft technologies
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As a company, we always try to stay current with the latest technologies and methods. Currently, we develop using Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 and 2013, using Microsoft .Net 4 / 4.5.1 and Silverlight 5 technologies. We implement the latest design patterns including MVVM and MVC.

Cross Platform Development

We use Xamarin technology to develop once and deploy native apps to iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone devices. This allows us to share and reuse between 60% and 90% of our and your code base. Gone are the days of multi-platform maintenance headaches.

Always stay on schedule

As a development focused organisation we have chosen to fully implement the Scrum and Kanban agile methodology in almost all our activities. Through the use of iterations (Sprints), this allows our customers to have full control and involvement over what, how and when features are produced. Our team of certified 'Scrum Masters' fully manage this lightweight process, the teams and customer liaison.